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A Chance for Change Foundation awards a grant of K72,750.00 under its Getifund Project to Mr Mulenga

The foundation is gratified to grant Mr Benson Mulenga, a beneficiary of the Getifund Project, the sum of K72,750.00, who will start a poultry project in Bauleni of Lusaka town. The project will begin with 1,000 broiler chickens and become a tool to help reduce poverty and a provenience for employment as the poultry project continues to expand. Nevertheless, poultry farming itself is a positive business venture as it does not require high capital or large spaces, to begin with, making it highly profitable.

Benson receives his day old chicks from A Chance for Change Foundation

The setting of the poultry in Bauleni will positively impact the community by attracting a market as people will have chicken meat within their proximity. In addition, the poultry will likely attract more potential entrepreneurs who want to venture into the same business, making Mr Benson K. Mulenga a role model and mentor. The growth of the poultry industry will also encourage the production of chicken food, leading to more employment. Those in horticulture will benefit from the availability of organic manure, which will be a bi-product of the industry.

A Chance for Change Foundation is highly honored, and would like to congratulate Mr Benson Mulenga for this initiative. By awarding him this grant sum of K72,750.00, the foundation establishes a long-term partnership to achieve the sustainable development goals, namely to fight poverty in Zambia by recognizing and supporting businesses in various communities, to build their capacity in conjunction with generating income, economic development, all to achieve the goal of ending poverty.

A Chance for Change Foundation is working hard to improve households' livelihood in Zambian communities. Upon implementing the poultry project, at least five jobs will be created. This will benefit the family through increased Productivity, a chance to be in charge and earn a living while fulfilling the day-to-day tasks. In addition, the mindset of poverty will be erased as the family improve and learn the ways of entrepreneurship. In regard to achieving the sustainable development goals, the organization will continue to sanction grants to vulnerable but viable families to fight poverty.

Benson poses for a photo with the feed received as grant from A Chance for Change Foundation

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