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A Chance For Change Foundation

A Chance for Change Foundation is a non-profit organization working to alleviate extreme poverty in rural Zambia through entrepreneurship and innovation. We work closely with the communities we serve to create and implement solutions that build self-reliance, financial inclusion, and resilience.

Mission & Vision

We believe that by supporting the creation and growth of businesses, we will curb the high unemployment levels, which stand at 12.2 per cent and the youth unemployment rate standing at 22.63 per cent reported by International Labor Organization (ILO) in 2020. A Chance for Change Foundation will always put the marginalized at heart to raise funds for their startup businesses or business expansion with a flexible repayment structure. Our Business Incubation Programme provides entrepreneurs with a knowledge-filled environment to successfully develop their businesses.

We strive to support the growth and success of entrepreneurs and startups through the delivery of world-class incubation and acceleration programmes that are accompanied by funding. A Chance for Change Foundation supports the environment for innovative local enterprises to sustain and scale up, assisting long-term economic development and increasing sustainable employment in Zambia.

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Our vision is to see a Zambia free from poverty where marginalized families can provide basic needs for themselves and meet their future needs for sustainable development.

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Our mission is to identify and support businesses by working with communities to build their capacity to generate income, acquire assets, and create jobs with the goal of ending poverty.

Our Core Values

Serving Entrepreneurs

We value the entrepreneurs we serve as the object of our continued focus on service and we support the advancement of professionalism to our entrepreneurs as an organization by our conduct, speech, demeanour, and decision-making.


Enhancing Communities

We pursue innovative and creative means of advancing the organization to meet the expectations of our communities in terms of economic growth and development opportunities.

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Responsible Stewardship

We exhibit the highest level of stewardship to the entrepreneurs we serve, recognizing we are ultimately accountable to the public for our actions and duties.

Binder and Files

Valuing Transparency/Accountability

We maintain openness and transparency as a fundamental tenet of our work ethics. We adhere to the highest level of transparency in executing our duties and responsibilities.

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Efficient Cooperation

We respect each staff member as a vital member of the organization, recognizing the importance of the unique gifts, abilities, experiences, and talents integral to the organization reaching its maximum potential; to best serve the entrepreneurs in Zambia.

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