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Whether you are looking for a full-time position or a volunteer position this is where you can find all things C4C.  A Chance for Change Foundaion is based in Lusaka, Zambia however is rooted everywhere and we are proud and honoured to be working with a diverse team all over the world to reduce poverty through entrepreneurship training and economic empowerment.

Check this page for updates regarding open positions at A Chance for Change Foundation.

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Job Openings

We currently do have open vacancies. Visit this page regularly to stay informed about new job listings.

our staff


Interested in volunteering for A Chance for Change Foundation? Fill out the survey below with your interests and if there is ever an opportunity we may contact you.

Open volunteer positions will be posted below.

What We Do

We advocate for community empowerment through various means to ensure our clients are business savvy and financially empowered with everything they need in order to contribute meaningfully to their own development.

HR Manager

"Every person has the chance to make a change for good, no matter how big or small. Whatever amount you can give, or time you are willing to dedicate, know that your contribution makes a difference in the lives of others. Together with those of our other supporters, your donation brings us ever closer to our goals."

Ms Wakunuma Lishomwa

Human Resource Manager

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