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Capacity Building Program

Need a helping hand when it comes to poverty alleviation? Let our capacity-building services help out! Our experts believe that developing the resources and skills of individuals, organizations, and communities is key.

Capacity Building

From the earlier era the business has been an integral part of any countries economy and was famously termed as trade and commerce however with the eras changing, the word business was coined and has been used since then. Trade and commerce or business has become a growth driver in today’s economy. Not only does it help acquire goods that are not produced by the country but also it helps to enhance the standard of living in a particular society as well as the country.

However, the role of trade and commerce does not end there, if we take a country wide aspect of business it also helps countries to acquire foreign exchange which in terms is required to but the necessary products that are needed in one’s country. This foreign exchange becomes one of the trade market attribute in the economic growth of the country as it helps to fight indexes like poverty which has been deemed as one of the biggest problem of the country itself.

A major part of economic growth and development lies in the hands of the entrepreneurs of a given country. One of the main roles of the foundation is to focus on the promoting the business environment of an organization. The foundation provides a training program which is structured around building the key skillset as well as the mindset that are required by the entrepreneurs in today’s era, which would help them to identify opportunities that would help to launch new ventures.

A Chance for Change Foundation not only helps entrepreneurs to set up businesses and fight unemployment but at the same time we are also helping our country to fight social problems like poverty and hunger that have been a social evil for a very long time and the foundation is not willing to stop until it can be minimised to the maximum limit.

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Let’s make a lasting impact in our communities and put an end to poverty with capacity building. With the right skills, support, and resources, people can overcome their struggles - no matter where they come from or what challenges life has brought them! We believe that everyone should have access to opportunities for acquiring knowledge and expertise so everyone can reach their full potential. Join us today in making a difference: Capacity Building For Poverty Alleviation!

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