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Youth Empowerment

A country cannot always be run with experience to drive this experience forward we need youth. The importance of youth empowerment can be seen by the current crisis that is faced in the Asian pacific region of the world. Countries like Japan who provide the world with the state-of-the-art technology are facing the problem of their skilled population being quite old in comparison to the world.

Zambia youth population in comparison to Japan is quite high, however, there are not many opportunities for them to grow, providing employment for the youth is one of the major milestones that the country wants to achieve as soon as possible.

The foundation has made it a point to minimize sustainable issues like food insecurity, access to energy along with unemployment these are some of the biggest problems in different regions of Zambia. A chance for Change wants to help the youth as much as possible.

The youth can be empowered only when they are provided with the opportunities, with proper guidance and educational support Zambia can have the workforce they have desired for a long time.

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