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Get Involved

From sideline support, to letter writing, donating money, volunteering and more, there are many ways you can help.

Get Involved Today!

More ways to get involved

Wondering how to get involved with A Chance for Change Foundation? There are many ways you can provide support for the communities we work with and Zambia as a whole. The best place to start is by becoming a passionate supporter of A Chance for Change foundation by spreading awareness about the power of community engagement to change lives and reduce poverty. 


Where to start? First, follow us on FacebookInstagramTwitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and subscribe to our newsletter.

Get Involved Today!

Ways to Give

Discover the various ways you can contribute to our mission. Whether it's through one-time donations, monthly contributions, or in-kind gifts, every form of support helps us make a significant impact. Learn about other ways to give, such as legacy gifts, stocks, and workplace giving, and see how your generosity can bring about change.

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Join Us

Join our vibrant community of volunteers and advocates who are committed to making a difference. Whether you have a few hours to offer or are looking for a longer commitment, your time and skills can drive our mission forward. Sign up to volunteer, become a member, or advocate for our cause in your network.


Empower your community by organizing events, campaigns, or initiatives that support our mission. From hosting fundraisers to coordinating awareness campaigns, your efforts can greatly amplify our impact. We provide resources and support to help you successfully organize for our cause.


Many fundraise on Facebook on their birthday! Use your birthday for good and donate your birthday to raise funds that will uplift rural livelihoods.


Become a Citizen of Change and support us monthly. This is the most sustainable way to support us and our communities long-term.


Demonstrate your company’s commitment to community development, differentiate from competitors, and create engagement opportunities for your staff and stakeholders.

Work With Us

Explore career and internship opportunities with us and join our dedicated team in the fight for poverty alleviation. We're looking for passionate individuals across a range of disciplines. Check out our current openings and learn how your work can contribute to meaningful change.

Volunteer With Us

Are you looking for an opportunity to make a difference in your community and beyond? We invite you to volunteer with us! By joining our team, you'll have the chance to contribute to meaningful projects, meet like-minded individuals, and develop new skills. Sign up today and let's make a difference together!

Become a Mentor

Discover the fulfilling experience of becoming a mentor and make a profound difference in someone's life. As a mentor, you have the unique opportunity to share your knowledge, skills, and insights with individuals eager to grow personally and professionally. Whether it's guiding a young person through their career choices, supporting a peer in navigating life's challenges, or helping someone learn a new skill, your wisdom and encouragement can light the way for their success.

Partner With Us

Join our partnership journey today! We're actively seeking dynamic and forward-thinking partners to collaborate with us. Whether you're a business, non-profit, or individual with a vision to make a significant impact, there's a place for you alongside our team. Partnering with us means more than just mutual growth; it's about creating lasting change in the communities we serve and in the industries we're transforming. Let's combine our strengths, resources, and passions to achieve extraordinary results. Reach out now to explore how we can work together towards a brighter, more sustainable future. Together, we can accomplish so much more. Let's make a difference, together. Contact us to start the conversation.


Create your fundraising campaign and invite friends, family, and colleagues to support our cause. Whether it's a birthday fundraiser, a sports challenge, or a creative event, your initiative can provide essential funds for our projects. We offer tools and guidance to help you set up your campaign and make it a success.

Educate and Advocate

Education and advocacy are powerful tools in our mission. Learn about our cause and use your voice to raise awareness and influence change. We provide educational materials, advocacy training, and support to help you become an effective ally. Share our message on social media, within your community, and beyond to help us reach our goals.

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