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Women Entrepreneurship

The world is changing in a rapid pace, unlike the past era where the man of the house was only liable to get food in the table, currently women and men stand at a same footing seeing eye for an eye.

However, in countries like Zambia there are still less opportunities for women as compared to men where unemployment is high and the cost of living is quite high as the currency is not able to keep up with the global index that being the US dollars. Keeping this into consideration the foundation is working its way up to help women that are aspiring to become someone that can help their respected families and society in the long run.

A Change for Change Foundation has prioritize the empowerment of women and girls to improvise the standards of living in the society, not only will this help women to stand up on their own feet but it would showcase a positive change in the entire society.

The program that is provided by the foundation is tailored towards women that are not socially and economically independent. This program will help different women in the society to have a change of personal careers as well as economic success.

If an individual is hellbent to make the change that they aim to achieve it is our responsibility as a foundation to guide them and tailor them to empower themselves so that one day they achieve the heights that they have dreamt of.

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