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Agriculture and Food Security
Empowering Rural Communities in Zambia

Agriculture and Food Security

Welcome to the Agriculture and Food Security Projects, an initiative driven by A Chance for Change Foundation's unwavering commitment to fostering economic development and enhancing rural livelihoods across Zambia.

At A Chance for Change Foundation, we recognize the pivotal role that agriculture plays in the socio-economic fabric of Zambia. With a significant portion of the population dependent on agriculture for their livelihood, ensuring food security and promoting sustainable agricultural practices are paramount to uplifting communities and driving progress.

In addition to recognizing the importance of agriculture in Zambia's socio-economic landscape, A Chance for Change Foundation is dedicated to implementing holistic solutions that address the multifaceted challenges faced by rural communities. Through our projects, we aim not only to increase agricultural productivity but also to empower local farmers with knowledge and resources to adapt to changing environmental conditions and market dynamics.

Furthermore, our commitment extends beyond immediate interventions to fostering long-term resilience and self-sufficiency. By promoting diversification, value addition, and market linkages, we strive to create opportunities for sustainable growth and prosperity that extend beyond the boundaries of individual farming households. Through collaborative partnerships with government agencies, NGOs, and other stakeholders, we seek to create a vibrant agricultural sector that catalyzes broader development and poverty alleviation in Zambia.

Key Attributes of our Agriculture and Food Security Project

The Agriculture and Food Security Project embodies A Chance for Change Foundation's vision of a prosperous, sustainable, and food-secure Zambia. Together with our partners and stakeholders, we are committed to driving positive change and building a brighter future for rural communities through agriculture. Join us in our journey towards a more resilient and prosperous Zambia.

Sustainable Practices

We prioritize the implementation of sustainable agricultural techniques that not only increase productivity but also safeguard the environment for future generations. By promoting practices such as conservation agriculture and agroforestry, we aim to enhance resilience to climate change while preserving natural resources.

Community Engagement

Collaboration with local communities lies at the heart of our approach. We actively involve community members in decision-making processes, encouraging participation and ownership of project activities. By fostering a sense of ownership, we ensure the sustainability and long-term impact of our interventions.

Capacity Building

Our project is centered around empowering local farmers with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to thrive in the agricultural sector. Through training workshops, technical assistance, and access to modern farming technologies, we enable farmers to improve yields, diversify crops, and increase their incomes.

Food Security

Ensuring access to nutritious food is fundamental to achieving food security. Through our project, we work towards increasing food availability and accessibility, particularly for vulnerable populations. By promoting diverse and resilient food systems, we contribute to reducing hunger and malnutrition in Zambia.

Market Access

We understand the importance of market access in ensuring the economic viability of agricultural endeavors. Therefore, we facilitate linkages between smallholder farmers and markets, including local buyers, cooperatives, and exporters. By connecting farmers to lucrative markets, we enable them to earn fair prices for their produce and stimulate economic growth in rural areas.

Empowerment and Inclusivity

We are dedicated to promoting gender equality and social inclusion within the agricultural sector. By empowering women and marginalized groups with equal access to resources and opportunities, we strive to create more inclusive and equitable rural communities.

African Bird’s Eye Chili Out-Grower Project

The project aims to create a sustainable supply chain of high-quality African Bird's Eye Chili, a popular chilli pepper known for its fiery taste and numerous health benefits. The project seeks to promote sustainable agriculture and empower local farmers to grow high-value crops while meeting the growing demand for this spice in the food industry

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Hass Avocado


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A Glance at Our Out-Grower Farmers

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