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Agriculture and Food Security

Farming in Zambia has not been structured in a way that helps the farmers to achieve the best returns on their investment, with multiple channels involved in the farming a management aspect has taken place in this particular sector. It is a common knowledge; farmers are skilled in their tasks but they are not highly educated.

A Chance for Change Foundation invests in agriculture cooperatives, this is done so that enterprises can develop high management skills. Also, this directly and indirectly have a positive impact on the production and distribution in the larger markets of Zambia.

This would help the farmers to experience a more fair and structured exchange for their goods and services, as they would be aided with the production and distribution aspect of their business in a managerial language.

This becomes quite important as some of the crops that are grown by the farmers are domestic that is only used by individuals within the country however, some of the crops have to be exported, these crops would be having a heavy managerial aspect in comparison to the crops that are to be distributed domestically.

African Bird’s Eye Chili Out-Grower Project

The project aims to create a sustainable supply chain of high-quality African Bird's Eye Chili, a popular chilli pepper known for its fiery taste and numerous health benefits. The project seeks to promote sustainable agriculture and empower local farmers to grow high-value crops while meeting the growing demand for this spice in the food industry

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