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Funding News: A Mansa based Co-operative Society receives K61,500.00 grant

A Chance for Change Foundation Awards K61,500.00 Grant to Natuilubule Kukosa Multi-Purpose Co-operative Society Limited in Mansa

Photo by John Sakala

A Chance for Change Foundation identifies and supports businesses within communities, to build their capacity to generate income, acquire assets and create more sustainable jobs, with the goal to end poverty. Our program supports 400 households in Luapula province and we intend to expand this to 900 households by the end of 2022.

The Foundation is pleased to award K61,500.00 in grant funding to Natuilubule Multi-Purpose Co-operative Society Limited to establish a poultry farming project to help 30 households in Mulenshi village of Mansa. With this investment, the collective aims to improve its business by creating sustainable supply and increase job opportunities in Mansa district. This project will also allow women who may not have had access to land or capital investments due to gender discrimination, have the opportunity to build an agribusiness.

Executive members of Natuilubule Cooperative pose for a photo after receiving their grant from A Chance for Change Foundation

Natuilubule Kukosa Multi-Purpose Co-operative Society Limited, proves that small grants can go a long way to enable inner rural communities like Mulenshi village to continue doing the great work by expanding their impact.

The grant release of K61,500.00 directly fulfils the short-term objectives of A Chance for Change Foundation and reinforces its commitment to continuing to impact rural livelihoods for sustainable development and economic diversification of Zambia.

Photos of Natuilubule Kukosa Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society Limited setting up their poultry project after receiving their grant of K61,500.00 from A Chance for Change Foundation.

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