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poverty in zambia


Millions of families in Zambia survive on less than $1.9 every day. Join us in the effort to provide entrepreneurship skills and small business funding to underserved communities

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A Chance for Change Foundation focuses on the economic empowerment and financial inclusion of Zambian entrepreneurs across the nation. We are dedicated to enabling access to funding for startups and businesses among Zambia’s most vulnerable group-the entrepreneurs. We believe that enabling entrepreneurs from poor communities to develop a business will lead to long-term employment and boost job opportunities.


Empowering Communities through Agri-Entrepreneurship​

A Chance for Change Foundation believes in the transformative power of empowering communities through agri-entrepreneurship. By fostering sustainable agricultural practices and supporting budding agri-entrepreneurs, the foundation aims to create lasting change in rural areas. Through training, access to resources, and mentorship, the foundation equips individuals and communities with the tools they need to not only improve their livelihoods but also contribute to local food security and economic growth. With a strong commitment to fostering self-reliance and community resilience, A Chance for Change Foundation is sowing the seeds of positive change, one agricultural entrepreneur at a time.

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Picture taken by Gift Chansa: A Chance for Change Foundation

Empowering Communities: How Goodson and Tuisunge Kukosa Cooperative Transformed Lives Through Poultry Farming

Meet Goodson, a dedicated poultry farmer and proud member of the Tuisunge Kukosa cooperative based in the Chitamba village of Mansa. For years, Goodson and his fellow cooperative members struggled with poverty, as their community lacked any viable economic activity. However, their fortunes took a dramatic turn when they received support from A Chance for Change Foundation.

With the foundation's assistance, Tuisunge Kukosa Multi-Purpose Cooperative was provided with 500 broiler chicks, along with all the necessary inputs to start their poultry venture. Goodson and his fellow cooperative members embraced this opportunity with enthusiasm and determination.

As the chicks grew into healthy, market-ready birds, so too did the cooperative's prospects. Their poultry enterprise flourished, becoming a sustainable source of income for all involved. No longer constrained by poverty, Goodson and his fellow members found newfound hope and financial stability.

However, the impact of this empowerment extended far beyond the walls of the cooperative. More than 20 households, including Goodson's, were lifted out of poverty as a result of their collective efforts. With increased income and economic security, families could afford better education, healthcare, and improved living standards.

Goodson's success story is a shining example of the transformative power of community-driven initiatives. Through collaboration, determination, and support from organizations like A Chance for Change Foundation, entire communities can break free from the cycle of poverty and build a brighter future for generations to come.

Goodson's dedication to his poultry farm and his role within the Tuisunge Kukosa cooperative didn't stop at personal success. Inspired by the positive changes they experienced, Goodson and his fellow cooperative members decided to pay it forward. They initiated programs to share their knowledge and resources with neighboring communities, helping others replicate their success in poultry farming.

Through mentorship and training sessions organized by the cooperative, aspiring farmers learned about poultry management, market dynamics, and sustainable farming practices. By empowering others with the same tools and opportunities they received, Goodson and his peers became catalysts for widespread economic transformation in the region.

The ripple effect of their generosity and leadership was profound. Within a short period, neighboring villages witnessed a surge in poultry farming activities, leading to a significant reduction in poverty levels and an overall improvement in livelihoods. Goodson and the members of Tuisunge Kukosa found fulfillment not only in their own success but also in the positive impact they were able to catalyze across their community and beyond.

Today, Goodson's story stands as a testament to the power of collective action and the profound difference that can be made when individuals come together with a shared purpose. Through their determination, resilience, and commitment to lifting others, Goodson and his fellow cooperative members have not only transformed their own lives but have also ignited a beacon of hope and opportunity for countless others in the Chitamba village and beyond.

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